Frequently Asked Questions

» How do you make your theme?

I use my basic knowledge on CSS and HTML, Photoshop, Time and Creativity. I made a simple tutorial here.

» Teal theme: iwant to remove the word teal from the top and put something else how do i do that ?

You need to go to the appearance tab and upload your own header image :)

If you wanna put a text, Go to customize  look for these codes:

{block:IfHeaderImage}<a href="/"><img src="{image:Header}" alt="{Title}" width="180" /></a>{/block:IfHeaderImage}

Erase everything and write what you want. I suppose you know basic HTML (font, font size, font color). You need that to design the text..  :)

» The Smell of Coffee in the Morning: How do I take out the Starbucks stuff?

Look for this part of the codes:

background: url(INSERT_IMAGE_URL_HERE) center center no-repeat;
bottom: 0px;
width:418px; <!---EDIT_THE_WIDTH_IF_NECESSARY--->
height:461px; <!---EDIT_THE_HEIGHT_IF_NECESSARY-->

» Vanity and Greed Theme : Why is the tumblr controls (follow and dashboard button) not showing up?

I updated it. Just check the updates section :)

» Where did you get the backgrounds you use? 

I sometimes make my own background but the background images shown on this page are all taken from the internet

» How to add a back to top link?

  • Go to customize  
  • Use custom html
  • Paste this code after the <body> tag: 
<a id="top"></a>
  • Then paste the code where you want the link to appear
<a href="#top">Back to top</a> 
  • If you want it to be fixed on the lower left/right corner. Paste the following code before the end </body> tag:
<div style="position:fixed; left:0px; bottom:0px;"><a href="#top" ">Back to top</a> </div>
Just play with the bolded values. change left to right. or change 0px to any number. Try it yourself..

»Vanity and Greed: How do I add some links at the left navigation?

First, look for this block of codes. (CTRL + F) and type sidemenu / archive / any word you can see below. Once you’ve located this block of codes, add the links you wish to add by changing insert url here with the link url and url name with the link name. 

<a href="INSERT_URL_HERE" style="block">URL NAME</a>

Note: Make sure you put style=”display:block;”

»Can you make a theme with this and that background?

You can actually change the background yourself. I have collected some backgrounds here.

Just save the image you want and upload it as a background on the customize page > appearance tab..

»Archive link is not working. What should I do?

Go to edit html, look(CTRL+F) for archive and make sure the bolded part is

<a href="/archive">archive</a>

»Paper Edge Theme: The hover image is not working?

I already changed it at the garden  but tumblr hasn’t updated it yet. But you can download and update your codes yourselves.  LINK HERE

»Paper Edge Theme: Can I put infinite scrolling?

Sorry it’s not compatible with the theme.

»My twitter is not showing

Basically when you’re on the customize page, your tweets won’t show. You should check it on your blog after you saved the changes. And you should make sure that you put the correct spelling of your twitter name and that your tweets are not protected.

»How do I install your themes?

Please  click here. Note: Sometimes the themes on the garden are not updated. So it’s better if you download it from the links I provide here.

»How do I edit your themes?

Please click here

»Les Fleurs, Vanity and Greed: The sidebar went at the bottom and the posts are cluttered.

»Paper edge: The paper at the top has a space

»Other themes: There’s something wrong with my theme etc..

Please download the codes from this blog instead of installing it from the garden. 




Copy and Paste the code on your blog. Don't worry! It's background friendly.


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