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“I just want to say how amazing your themes are:') x”


How sweet of you ♥

“Hai! :D Just wanted to say since yesterday I'm using one of your templates! :) It's sooooo awesome! <3 You've made sooo many beautiful designs I sat over two hours and compared and couldn't decide which to take! :O Really great job! x3 Greetings from germany <3”


Thank you dear! Greetings from Italy <3

“Ok thanks! :D now how do I fix the position of the "follow" and "dashboard" icons in the top right corner of the It Will Rain theme?”


add the following code on the CSS area:

#tumblr_controls{ position:fixed!important; right: 0px; top:0px; max-width:320px;} 
“Hi! I love your themes, more power to your blog! ^^ xx”


Thank you dear ♥

“I've been searching for a good set of themes for so long! I'm just /ecstatic/ to have found your blog. All your work is absolutely beautiful, incredible stuff. Best themes I've ever seen!”


Thank you :) <3

“Your themes are so amazing... I love them! I always enjoy looking at them, its so hard to decide sometimes!”


Thank you ♥

“Hi! Just want to say your themes are awesome! It'd be cool if you have a tutorial in how to add drop down navigation bar. I love that feature on your personal tumblr.”


Hi! Thanks for asking.. There are a lot of CSS menu generators on the web and you can also choose the design you want.. Give it a try.

“hi there, i was wondering how did you build you live preview in your blog's sub-pages?”


  • right click on the theme preview
  • click view source.
  • copy everything..
  • create a custom layout page
  • paste it there
  • save and tada ;)



Copy and Paste the code on your blog. Don't worry! It's background friendly.


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