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Athenabilitity theme: How to add more sections on sidebar
Hi there! I’m not sure if you answered this already somewhere, but I looked in the FAQ and tutorials and didn’t see it. I think I am using the “athenability” theme, and I was just wondering how I can add in more headers on the right sidebar to add categorized links. I tried one of the tutorials to do it but it wasn’t working. It would only come up with the same links I already have, and I don’t know how to edit them. Hopefully that makes sense! Thanks!! (: great themes, by the way!
  1. Look for the sidebar block:  <div id=”sidebar2">  /  <div id=”sidebar"> 
  2. Decide where to put the section
  3. To add a section title, simply type:  <h1>extra</h1> 
  4. To add a break rule, type: <br>
  5. Add the contents below.
  6. To add a link, type: <a href=””>LINK NAME</a>
  7. To make the links look like the preset link pages, just wrap the whole link codes with: <div class=”nav”> </div> example:  <div class=”nav”> <a href=””>LINK NAME</a> <a href=””>LINK NAME</a><a href=””>LINK NAME</a> </div>
  8. To add an image: <img url=”” width=”250px”>

Note: Edit the quotation marks.

Mini ask box

If your ask box button is hidden.. You simply need to look for this block of code:

<iframe frameborder=”0” scrolling=”no” src=”{text:Tumblr User Name}” width=”250px” height=”230px”></iframe>

And notice the bolded text.. Just type in the height value.. if it still doesn’t show, just increase the height value. =) Normally if you have the anonymous option enabled, height should be 250px

Napoli Scarf
Instagram widget for your blog
  • Go to
  • Fill out the form
  • Click Preview to see your widget
  • Click Get Code to get the code snippet
  • Paste the snippet in your blog

Where do I paste the code?

Flickr customizable widget
  1. Go to idgettr, type your user name and click find to get your flickr id
  2. Copy the codes and edit the highlighted parts if you want. If not, just edit the flickr id and flickr number of post

  • box width: width of the sidebar
  • box height: estimated height of the flickr box
  • image width: flickr image width
  • image height: flickr image height
  • border radius: border radius in pixels (I used 80 px to make it circle)
  • opacity, edit with any integer (100 / 1 = Opaque 0 / 0 = transparent)
  • flickr number of post = the number of images you want to publisj
  • flickr id = the id you get from step 1

3. Paste the codes on the designated parts (CSS area/ body area)

Example: 1, 2

How to make your own music player (billy)

01 Upload the song(s) at kiwi6 (Registration needed)
02 Copy the direct hotlink on the right part of the browser
03 Go to sheepproductions and paste the url on the text area
04 Tick or untick “autoplay” option
05 Generate code and paste it on the desired part of your blog

Click here for my customized music players

I&#8217;m not participating on the theme makers blackout but I just want this on my blog to let you know that sometimes it&#8217;s easier to get answers from google. They also posted tips on how to optimize your search. Check it out. It&#8217;s helpful ;)

I’m not participating on the theme makers blackout but I just want this on my blog to let you know that sometimes it’s easier to get answers from google. They also posted tips on how to optimize your search. Check it out. It’s helpful ;)

Things To Do Before Asking Theme Makers Questions


By doing a couple things you can not only maybe help yourself but do a huge favor to theme makers. By doing these couple of steps you can find out where the source of the problem is coming from:

01 Refresh & Test

The new customize appearance still has kinks in it that make the preview of it not always look right. Don’t rely on the preview. Make sure to refresh the customize page after installing it so that the customizable defaults for that theme show up and are rendered in the preview. Test blogs are always nice to check what your theme looks like live instead of the preview that is never correct.

02 Update Theme

If your theme still is off even on the test blog and not the preview in the customize page. Try and re-copy and paste the theme, maybe there was an update to the code you missed, maybe you accidentally didn’t copy all of the code. Re-install the theme just to make sure!

03 Check Appearance Options

Need to change a font, colors, font sizes? Make sure to check out the appearance section to see if the theme maker hasn’t already provided you options for that. If they haven’t for simple things like background color and un/bolding text W3schools  explains well how to do simple CSS style changes.

04 Check FAQ & Answered Questions

Sometimes it can be daunting but often times you may be asking a question that has already been answered. Check the theme maker’s FAQ page or answered questions - who knows you might find what you’re looking for. If you don’t like wading through an ocean of text just CTRL + F search for some key words.

05 Google!

The internet is a vast space full of knowledge and answers. Basically magic when it comes to finding answers. Sure you have to sort through the duds but who knows, you might just find what you’re looking for.

Asking Theme Makers Questions:

If it comes to the point where you’ve tried and can’t solve the issue on your own, ask a theme maker but keep this acronym in mind. 


Keep in mind that theme makers answer questions for free and by no means have to, so to avoid ask boxes getting closed just be mindful. You don’t have to say please and be formal and what not but a “Thanks!” at the end goes a long way. 

Be specific! If it’s a certain theme make sure to mention it and explain as best you can. Questions is one thing but receiving vague questions isn’t much help to the theme maker or yourself. To help that, maybe read it over to make sure it would make sense to a stranger and that way you don’t have to play What, Where, and How? with theme makers.



Copy and Paste the code on your blog. Don't worry! It's background friendly.


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